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Amend Treatment

luxury residential mental health treatment center

Amend Treatment is a Luxury Mental Health Treatment Center that provides confidential, personalized, and quality residential care, treatment, and wellness services for adults of all ages and genders, who are struggling with mental and co-occurring behavioral health issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, substance misuse, gambling, or obsessive social media or video gaming, and other addictive behaviors.



With therapy, a dedicated treatment team, and an individualized residential treatment plan, each client will be able to focus exclusively on their unique recovery needs in the comfort and safety of a supportive, home-like setting.
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Aftercare is so important to us that we provide a structured, free of charge, follow-up program as a complement to each person’s post-discharge continued care plan.
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luxury mental health treatment center

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At Amend Treatment, assessment, care, and treatment is provided by an experienced multidisciplinary team of health professionals who will work with you to understand your symptoms, assess your needs, and develop ways to better navigate the difficulties that come with adulthood and can be exasperated by mental health challenges.
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what our clients say

“I’m healthy and sober! Miracle I made it here. Totally reconnected with my family. Amazing! Forever grateful to you.” - Howard

“I’ve been through a lot of treatment and being with you guys really helped me. I have my dream job now and your support made me believe I could do it.” - Carolina

“The staff of this program are incredibly patient, thoughtful, and empathetic. They are committed and embrace people as they are with an abundance of understanding. I was able to build trust and find myself again.” - Colleen

“My son had been struggling with mental health and was resistant to therapy or treatment of any kind. His team enabled him to feel that it was worth taking the time to heal and nurture himself. The shift in his mental state has been truly transformative and life saving.” - Samuel


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