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amend admissions

Thank you for visiting our Admissions page. Whether exploring assistance for one’s self or for a loved one, we know that seeking care for depression, anxiety, and any other mental and behavioral health matters can be trying and overwhelming. Not knowing what to do, where to go, what to say, how to say it, or whom to entrust can defer or delay care and treatment. Our Admissions team is available, at any time, 24/7/365, to listen to you, your concerns and circumstances, explore options, and answer your questions.

We strive to make your efforts to find the best mental and behavioral health care and treatment for you and your loved one, an accessible, non-judgmental, and supportive experience. With this in mind, we take every measure to make each admission to our residential treatment program as simple and stress free as possible. The information below is a general overview of the process, we hope it is helpful to you.

Informational Phase

Potential clients, parents, spouses, or other loved ones phone the Admissions team to discuss the needs of the person considering treatment. Questions are answered, the program and services are explained, and pre-screening and assessment questions may be asked to determine if the program and client might be a good fit.

If additional information is needed, some clients and families choose to visit the program in advance of admission. It is important to know that prospective clients are always welcome to visit, see the program in person, meet members of the treatment team, and ask any questions that may arise.

Because many families travel to us from across the country and from abroad, it is not always feasible or timely to visit in advance; therefore, for some clients it is more helpful to speak with a member of the treatment team. The Admissions team will assist you in talking with a member of the Amend Treatment team to answer your questions.

Insurance Verification, Authorization and Financing

When clients or their loved ones choose to do so, the Admissions team will gladly verify insurance benefits. Verifying benefits is a first step in the insurance process and, though not a guarantee, can be helpful to clients and their loved ones in planning for out-of-pocket costs and estimating insurance coverage. When you have decided to move forward with an admission, and you plan to use insurance benefits, then the next step is authorization from your insurance provider. This step is when the insurer provides approval for coverage of some or all of the residential treatment and services. Once authorization information has been obtained, the details are provided to each client and/or their authorized representatives so informed decisions can be made about admission and treatment. Though many clients and families choose to manage insurance authorization and to communicate directly with their insurer, most clients prefer assistance with insurance verification and authorization.

For a wide range of reasons, some clients may choose not to use insurance, while others may choose to finance all or part of the cost of treatment or the cost of their co-payment and co-insurance.

Admissions Paperwork

To confirm admission in our residential treatment program, we request that each prospective client complete the admission documentation prior to the scheduled date of admission. In an effort to make this step more manageable, the admissions documents are available in an easy electronic format which can be reviewed, completed, and signed from anywhere with an internet connection and a compatible device.

Because the decision to enter treatment can be challenging, our intention is to ease the paperwork process, rather than have it be a source of stress. With this in mind, it is important to note that many of the forms included in our admission packet are required by external oversight agencies and, though they may not seem applicable, we ask that you do the best that you can to complete all the forms. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us for clarification or assistance. Additionally, for those who prefer to complete a printed version of the admissions documentation, please inform the Admissions team, and we will walk you through the steps to access a printable version.

Confirming an Admission Date

After confirming your decision to admit to our residential program and the completion of admissions documents, you and the Admissions team will determine a date of admission. When confirming your admission date, you will be provided with information on what to bring, next steps, travel suggestions, and coordination of your arrival. Please note that all admission dates are influenced by a variety of complex factors; therefore, there may be a wait time for an available space. Because all admissions occur on a rolling basis and availability is limited, it is important to arrive at the agreed upon date and time. Please discuss your needs and preferences with the Admissions team. We will make every effort to communicate available options and to accommodate preferred dates and times.

Many clients choose to be accompanied by a loved one on the day of admission. Should your family or loved one be in need of accommodations, we have compiled a list of local hotels that others have chosen when visiting the area. We hope this list is helpful - it is in no manner an endorsement by Amend Treatment of any of the locations listed. We encourage you and your loved ones to make your own informed choice when seeking lodging and overnight accommodations.

what to bring

We encourage all clients to bring enough comfortable clothing to last seven to ten days. Laundry facilities are provided. Clients will launder their own clothing items and staff members are available to help those who need assistance.

Each client is encouraged to bring a medium to light jacket as the ocean breeze can be cool in the early morning and evening hours regardless of time of year. Temperatures tend to range from 50s-80s year-round, with occasional cooler and warmer weather.

You may bring swim suits to wear to the beach or in the pool - this is optional and at your individual discretion. For some activities, wet suits are provided for those who wish to participate in ocean related activities, such as paddleboarding, surfing, etc.

We encourage clients to bring their own personal hygiene and grooming supplies. While we provide basic items, experience has taught us that most participants have a specific types or brands of soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and other toiletries that they prefer to use. Bring what you wish, and we will supply the rest.

Curling irons, razors, tweezers and similar grooming tools are fine to bring and those who wear make-up are welcome to bring it to wear while in treatment., Please note, that for safety reasons, grooming items that could cause injury, will be secured in the staff office and may be checked out for use.

We also provide towels, pillows and blankets. Some people have a special pillow of blanket that helps them sleep better. These items are welcome. Please bring photos, books or other personal items that will make you comfortable during your stay.

If you enjoy listening to music, we suggest that you bring headphones or ear buds for use with your device, and which must be worn in consideration for others. Likewise, you may bring laptop computers and cellphones for work and educational use. For safe keeping and confidentiality concerns, laptops and phones will be kept in the staff office during program and quiet hours.

what not to pack

In an effort to keep the program physically, and emotionally, safe for everyone, we do not allow weapons, of any kind, non-prescription drugs (excluding supplements), alcohol, the use of cameras of any type (video, digital, phone, disposable, etc.) or audible music players. (As stated above, personal players with headphones or ear buds are acceptable).

Clothing, music, images or other items that promote drug use, violence, or that offend others based on ascribed or acquired status are not permitted.

We recommend that you not bring items that are valuable, irreplaceable or that hold great sentimental value. Though we have not experienced issues with theft or destruction of personal property, we cannot and do not accept responsibility for personal items.

If you have any questions or special requests related to travel or packing, please know that we are available at your convenience to be of assistance.

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