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How to Love Someone With Depression

Sad couple learning how to love someone with depression - Amend Treatment

Over 21 million adults in the United States had at least one episode of major depression in the past year. For millions of people, these episodes are a monthly, weekly, or sometimes even daily occurrence. In fact, many of us may know someone with depression, regardless of whether they are open about their struggles.   Yet…

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Inpatient vs Residential Treatment

Patient weighing the options of inpatient vs residential mental health treatment.

When is a person interned in an inpatient facility? When are they entered into residential treatment? Are the two one and the same? Or is there a significant difference? Whether you are a friend, a family member, a close loved one, or a caretaker, knowing the difference can be crucial – especially if your loved…

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Overcoming New Year Depression and Sadness

Overcoming New Year depression and sadness

Are you feeling down and depressed after the new year? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with New Year depression and sadness. Typically a new year means new opportunities and new chances for success, right? Well, not always. The new year can be surprisingly depressive, especially if you have the habit of placing unrealistic expectations…

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10 Mental Health Resolutions for a Bright, New Year

10 mental health resolutions for a bright, new year

Just as the end of a year lends itself towards a moment of contemplation and self-reflection, the start of a new year is the best time to recommit yourself to improved mental health and mental well-being. But how can you make sure that the commitment sticks this time? The key is to set mental health…

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Celebrate Mental Wellness Month this January

Celebrate mental wellness month this January

Mental Wellness Month aims to help people recognize the importance of nurturing their mental health, regardless of their current condition. Mental health resources – such as therapy and treatment – are not exclusive to cases of severe mental illness. They can help countless people cope with life’s stressors and keep them from making poor decisions or struggling needlessly…

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Creating Mental Goals for Wellbeing and Peace in 2023

Creating mental goals for wellbeing and peace in 2023

Mental goals and goal setting is an effective way to help people work on their mental health – setting short-term achievable goals allows you to prioritize elements of your mental health, rather than feel overwhelmed at your options, or feel like you are facing an insurmountable obstacle. By picking and choosing your battles one by…

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Dealing with Post Holiday Blues and Depression

Dealing with post holiday blues and depression

Is it normal to feel depressed or experience post holiday blues? According to recent surveys, you wouldn’t be alone if you did. Holiday stress and holiday depression are increasingly common topics of discussion, and statistics show that up to 88 percent of people feel more stressed out than usual over the winter break. But some…

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How to Learn to Say No for Better Mental Health

How to learn to say no for better mental health

Have you learned to use the word “no”? Yes and no are often some of the first words a child learns to say, but it can take some people decades to learn to use them. Knowing how to learn to say no to people when you need space, when you need to focus, and when…

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Get Help at a Malibu Mental Health Treatment Center this Season

Get help at a Malibu mental health treatment center this season

Have you ever considered getting treatment for a mental health disorder? Why not start by seeking help at Amend Treatment, a Malibu Mental Health Treatment Center, this season? The Gift of Mental Health Treatment The holidays are all about family, gratitude, and celebrating the end of the year and the beginning of a new year…

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