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Beyond the Rainbow: Recognizing Mental Health During Pride Month

Beyond the Rainbow: Recognizing Mental Health During Pride Month - Amend Treatment

Pride Month is about celebrating the community’s achievements in the face of continuing challenges, and about asserting the LGBTQ+ community’s basic human rights, right to respect, and equal representation. To us here at Amend Treatment, it’s also about highlighting the importance of mutual support in mental health, and the importance of equitable mental healthcare. We…

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Can Mental Illness Be Cured? Learn More Today

can mental illness be cured - amend treatment

Can mental illness be cured? Millions of people struggle with some form of mental illness. And it can easily leave someone struggling to do everything possible to get through a day without the interference of these unwanted symptoms.     If you or someone you love is suffering from a mental illness, then finding out how…

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How to Beat Anxiety and Depression Today

how to beat anxiety and depression - amend treatment

Wondering how to beat anxiety and depression?     Anxiety and depression often go hand-in-hand. Feelings of sadness, restlessness, sleep disturbances, lack of motivation, inability to concentrate, and physical pain are just a few of the many symptoms these mental health disorders can leave you experiencing.     Knowing how to beat anxiety and depression can often…

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How to Sleep With Anxiety and Depression

how to sleep with anxiety and depression - Amend Treatment

Trying to figure out how to sleep with anxiety and depression? Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for a healthy mind and a healthy body. After all, when you wake up in the morning, the day is already throwing things at you that you have to be ready to handle.    When you are…

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Is Borderline Personality Disorder a Disability? 

Is borderline personality disorder a disability - amend treatment

Is borderline personality disorder a disability? May is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) month. This makes it a great time to spread awareness of this mental health condition.     So many people with this disorder struggle with daily expectations in their relationships, personally and professionally. As a result, they develop poor habits in order to…

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Benefits of Yoga for Mental Health

yoga for mental health - amend treatment

Yoga has been around for thousands of years and is a practice that restores balance within the body. Today, many people have made yoga part of their routine due to the positive impact of yoga for mental health on their lives.     Physically, yoga can increase flexibility and strength. It can tone muscles and…

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Breaking the Stigma: Let’s Talk About Mental Health This May

Breaking the Stigma: Let's Talk About Mental Health This May

May is the National Mental Health Awareness Month. This year, mental health advocacy groups, organizations, and treatment centers like Amend Treatment are focusing on highlighting modern mental health stigma; understanding how both internalized and external stigma can affect individuals and entire communities, and encouraging friends and families to recognize signs of stigma and discrimination, whether…

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Does Yoga Help With Anxiety? Learn Today

does yoga help with anxiety - amend treatment

Does yoga help with anxiety? Anxiety disorders and anxious behavior can take a toll on one’s quality of life. Ruminating thoughts, fast heartbeats, shortness of breath, constant distractions, and more can make getting through the most minuscule task seem like climbing a mountain.   For someone experiencing these conditions, the idea of sitting down and…

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What to Do When You Can’t Work Due to Anxiety and Depression 

can't work due to anxiety and depression - amend treatment

The terms anxiety and depression get thrown around so much that we don’t often focus on the seriousness of these mental health conditions – especially when they are experienced together. Both anxiety and depression are very real mental health disorders that can be incredibly disruptive to daily life. So, it is no surprise that they can…

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