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Voices of Courage: Christopher Lang Sr.

Voices of courage: Christopher Lang - Amend Treatment

Welcome to Voices of Courage, a series in which we share inspiring stories of mental health advocates from all walks of life. Through these stories, we hope to increase awareness of mental health issues and provide a platform for those advocating for mental health. We also hope to provide resources for those struggling and inspire…

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EMDR vs Somatic Experiencing Therapy: What You Need to Know

emdr vs somatic experiencing therapy - amend treatment

Welcome to Amend Treatment, a mental health and wellness treatment center dedicated to helping individuals overcome trauma and stress-related disorders. In this blog post, we will explore the differences and similarities between two popular trauma-focused therapies: EMDR and Somatic Experiencing Therapy. By comparing EMDR vs Somatic Experiencing Therapy, we aim to provide valuable insights that…

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How to Know When to Seek Help for Anxiety

When to seek help for anxiety - Amend Treatment

Anxiety is a natural stress response and can be a normal part of life. However, when anxiety becomes overwhelming and affects daily functioning, it may be time to seek help. Knowing when to seek help for anxiety can be difficult for many individuals, but it is a vital step towards recovery and improved quality of…

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Understanding Nutrition and Mental Health

Are You What You Eat? Nutrition and Mental Health This March

It’s an age-old adage, yet one that modern medicine has more than vindicated; nutrition and mental health are linked, and real food plays a significant role in a person’s physical and mental well-being. Most of us learn that the food we consume is digested by the body and converted into energy and the building blocks…

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5 Acupuncture Benefits for Mental Health

acupuncture benefits for mental health - amend treatment

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice that involves inserting thin needles into specific points on the body. This therapy has gained popularity recently as a complementary treatment for mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. At Amend Treatment, we offer acupuncture therapy as part of our comprehensive approach to mental health care, as…

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Why is Women’s Mental Health Important?

Young multiracial latina women's mental health meditation session - Amend Treatment

Given that March is National Women’s History Month, the question ‘Why is Women’s Mental Health Important?’ is pertinent to current mental health and wellness discourse. Mental health is a critical aspect of overall well-being, and women’s mental health, particularly, is a topic that deserves attention. Women face unique challenges and pressures that can impact their…

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Exposure Therapy for Anxiety: How it is Used

Exposure therapy for anxiety treatment - Amend Treatment

Exposure therapy often treats post-traumatic stress, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and phobia disorders. These conditions all have one thing in common: anxiety. Exposure therapy has also succeeded in treating generalized anxiety and other anxiety disorders.   Recent findings in the New York Times and Forbes Magazine highlight that exposure therapy had become a “gold-standard treatment” for different…

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Voices of Courage: Mary Hayashi

Voices of courage: Mary Hayashi - Amend Treatment

The following post could be potentially triggering to those experiencing suicidal thoughts. If you need immediate help, contact the Crisis Text Line by texting “START” to 741741. Welcome to Voices of Courage, a series in which we share inspiring stories of mental health advocates from all walks of life. Through these stories, we hope to…

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Does Meditation Help Anxiety?

Does meditation help anxiety - Amend Treatment

Recent research has been done to help answer the question, ‘does meditation help anxiety?’. A recent randomized clinical trial – one of the most respected methodologies for testing – discovered that over an 8-week period, patients with diagnosed anxiety disorders received as much of a benefit and reduction in symptoms through mindfulness-based mental health treatment…

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