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Mother’s Day at Amend Treatment: 5 Reasons to Bring Awareness to Mental Health for Moms 

A mom is a superhero. Without batting an eye, she gets up every day and faces each challenge that comes her way. And with kids, there are always battles to fight regardless of their age. Because they are often so focused on taking care of everyone else, issues regarding mental health for moms often get pushed aside. They face struggles and pressures every day that, for one reason or another, never come to light.  


Moms are loyal, loving, dedicated, and kind. They are strong and can persevere through any obstacle. Moms are also great teachers, nurses, mentors, and friends. It’s no surprise that they regularly make sacrifices that go unseen. You know, giving up the other half of a sandwich because a growing teenager is still hungry. Missing out on social time with friends to watch an extra baseball practice. Staying up super late after a really trying day just to make sure the last-minute science project is perfect.  


This Mother’s Day at Amend Treatment, here are 5 reasons why we need to bring awareness to mental health for moms.  


1. Primary Caregivers Have High Demands

Moms are often the primary caregiver for their children. All too often, this job gets dismissed as if it doesn’t have real value, demand, or challenge. Or, as if it doesn’t matter or isn’t real work.  


Yet, it is.  


Raising kids – especially as a primary caregiver – is one of the toughest jobs out there. Though it doesn’t even come with a salary.  


The pressure caused by providing this care can take a toll on a mom’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  


2. Struggles the Balance Life’s Demands

For working moms, life can present additional hurdles when it comes to maintaining a work/life balance. Being able to raise their family while also meeting demands in the workplace can be tough.  


It is easy to feel guilty for taking time away from either one – or not being able to give enough to each. Unfortunately, this constant battle can really take a toll on a mom.  


3. Never Enough Time to Sleep

It is a well-known fact that sleep quality, and quantity, are vital for optimal health – and moms are no exception to this rule. However, just because they need sleep doesn’t mean they will get it. Many face late nights and early mornings so they can cram as much as they can into a day. Plus, those with little ones also have to deal with interruptions overnight.  


This constant lack of sleep can lead to sleep deprivation. It can also contribute to mental health conditions such as depression anxiety, panic disorder, and more.  


4. The Mom Guilt is Real

We hear the phrase mom guilt tossed around. Those who have experienced it know that it is real. Moms face the constant pressure to be perfect and do everything right. What is so easily forgotten is that nobody is perfect. Nobody has all the answers. Every mom will do the best that she can to raise her children in the best way she believes in. If it doesn’t fit the norm, she will be made to feel bad about it.  


In other words, she can either stand for what she believes in or feel pressured into meeting societal norms. And still, despite her final choice, she will be made to feel guilty about it.  


5. The Constant Need to Maintain Her Physical Appearance

When you have a baby, your body goes through a lot of changes. This also happens as you age. For some reason, there is this misconception that moms can carry a baby for 9 months and pop back into shape as if it never happened.  


This is rarely the case.  


To be the perfect mom, though, the baby weight needs to be gone and a new mom’s physical appearance needs to be incredible. She is pressured into looking as though she has it all together – even when it feels like she is falling apart.  


In our society, self-esteem and self-worth are often tied to appearance and can result in mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. Why? Because of unrealistic expectations.  


Signs Mom Could Be Struggling with Mental Health Issues 

Mom always takes the backseat to her family. But this Mother’s Day, we want you to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and gentle, selfless devotion she gives her family.  


We also want to make the signs of concern regarding mental health for moms known as they may not even realize they are struggling.  


  • A loss of interest in things or activities she once enjoyed  
  • Going through the motions of the day – without emotion 
  • Feelings of anger or sadness 
  • Feelings of failure or guilt 


When you notice anything that is out of character, it is worth taking note or addressing.  


Supporting Mental Health for Moms

Bringing awareness to mental health for moms is so important. This Mother’s Day, treat your mom well by learning ways you can support her throughout the year, such as:  


  • Encouraging her to take time for herself. Make it easy for her to slip away to a hot bath, go for a walk outdoors, catch a movie, grab some coffee, read a book, and so forth. 
  • Supporting her in connecting with other moms. This means joining local groups that offer support and the ability to socialize with others handling similar pressures.  
  • Helping her out when possible. If there are things you can do to make mom’s life easier, do them.  


Most importantly showing her appreciation for all that she does can give her the boost she needs to keep going.  


Mental Health for Moms at Amend Treatment 

Sometimes moms need a little help overcoming feelings of depression and anxiety – and that’s ok. Mental health for moms often gets overlooked, and it’s important to be mindful of all the responsibilities and expectations we set upon mothers, which can often times take a toll on their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


The team at Amend Treatment makes this easy with their approach to healing. Using many different modalities, our clients can get the care they need to overcome any mental health challenges.  


Happy Mother’s Day moms. We see you – and we can help you restore the balance you have been craving as well as develop ways to better navigate difficulties going forward.   


Contact us today to learn more.  

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