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Malibu Treatment Center

Amend Treatment is a Luxury Mental Health Facility Located in California, Offering Luxury Mental Health Treatment for Residents of Malibu

Malibu: Welcome to Amend Treatment

Nestled just moments from the Pacific Ocean, our residential treatment centers in Malibu, CA, stands as a beacon of modern elegance and natural tranquility. Our exceptional Malibu treatment center represents the perfect marriage of contemporary architecture and the soothing embrace of nature, setting it apart from other luxury traditional treatment centers and programs in California.

Within our residential mental health facility in California, you'll find a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. Each area is meticulously designed to offer privacy and a serene environment, fostering introspection, self-reconnection, and the start of a transformative journey towards recovery and wellness.

At Amend’s Malibu treatment centers, every detail is considered with the healing power of your surroundings in mind. The expansive living areas are adorned with modern furnishings, and the peaceful outdoor settings integrate seamlessly with the natural landscape. This attention to detail establishes our Portshead and Wildlife houses as leading Malibu rehab centers, where calm and restoration are paramount.

The design of Amend Treatment's Portshead and Wildlife houses encourages residents to explore various tranquil spots, perfect for meditation, reading, or simply absorbing the serene vistas. These peaceful nooks make our facilities a unique choice among luxury residential treatment centers in Malibu.

Moreover, the proximity to the Pacific Ocean enhances the healing experience at our Malibu rehab facilities. The rhythmic sound of the waves, the refreshing ocean breeze, and the vast, open skies contribute significantly to an environment that promotes both mental and physical well-being, distinguishing it from other residential treatment centers in California.

At Amend Treatment, the ocean is more than a scenic view; it is an integral part of the healing journey. Whether it's witnessing a breathtaking sunrise or taking a reflective stroll along the beach, the ocean’s presence reinforces the beauty of nature and its vital role in the recovery process at our premier Malibu recovery centers.


Contemporary Elegance Meets Serene Comfort

Our residential treatment centers, an embodiment of contemporary elegance, radiate style, serenity, and warmth, making them an ideal setting for addressing mental health issues. These facilities are more than just a place for treatment; they’re sanctuaries where modern design and peaceful ambiance merge seamlessly. With their abundance of indoor and outdoor spaces, each area is thoughtfully crafted to ensure privacy and create diverse retreats for personal reflection and growth, essential for those dealing with mental health disorders.

Inside, each room and communal area combines stylish aesthetics with comfort, fostering an environment conducive to healing and managing issues related to a mental health disorder. The contemporary design features clean lines, natural materials, and a calming color palette that reflects the tranquility of the surrounding landscape, making it a supportive space for those undergoing one of our mental health treatment programs.

The treatment centers’ outdoor spaces are just as inviting, connecting residents effortlessly with nature. Ranging from quiet corners in verdant gardens to open areas ideal for gentle activities and social interactions, these spaces are crucial for a holistic approach to mental health treatment. Whether it's a private nook for meditation, a sunlit terrace for yoga, or a shaded pavilion for peaceful reading, these outdoor areas are integral to the comprehensive and holistic treatment program offered.

In the havens of our Malibu recovery centers, privacy is a priority, and we acknowledge the importance of personal space for introspection and healing, particularly for individuals overcoming mental health hurdles. The design of our property provides secluded areas where individuals can be alone with their thoughts, away from external distractions. These private niches are invaluable for those moments when reconnecting with oneself is vital for progress in their mental health treatment program.

At our treatment home, every detail is meticulously chosen to aid your journey toward wellness. From the contemporary furnishings that ensure physical comfort to the serene settings that promote mental peace, each element is strategically aligned with the objective of our treatment programs. Here, individuals are supported in their recovery journey, to reconnect with themselves and make strides towards recovery from mental health disorders.

Amend Treatment’s Wildlife House: Immersed in Nature's Embrace

Nestled amid a lush landscape, Amend’s Wildlife Location is surrounded by towering eucalyptus, protective oaks, and vibrant flowering plants, creating a serene atmosphere.

The rustling leaves and hummingbird wings add to the tranquility, while the ocean's rhythmic waves provide a soothing backdrop.

This natural setting offers a feeling of elevation amidst the treetops, perfect for peaceful contemplation. The ever-changing colors and scents of the flowering plants, along with the dynamic presence of hummingbirds, enhance the sense of a secluded paradise.

This blend of flora and fauna fosters a deep connection with nature, promoting well-being and grounding.

Wildlife House serves as a sanctuary for rejuvenation, where the forest-like environment and ocean proximity offer a restorative escape.

The private, tree-lined drive leads into this enclosed haven of nature's beauty.

Modern Comfort in a Tranquil Environment

At both the Portshead house and Wildlife house, every room is a testament to thoughtful design and attention to detail, ensuring not just modern luxury but also your utmost safety and comfort. 

The home spans three levels, each offering a variety of spacious, bright, and exquisitely finished rooms. Whether you choose a private room for complete solitude or a semi-private room to share with a fellow guest, each comes with its own private bath, ensuring privacy and convenience. 

Moreover, many of these rooms extend outdoors, opening onto personal patios or decks, where the beauty of our natural surroundings can be enjoyed in quiet reflection or peaceful relaxation.

A Nurturing Natural Setting

Our Malibu houses are nestled in private, park-like settings, ideal for those moments when you seek solitude for quiet contemplation or a deep meditative experience. This serene environment is enhanced by the picturesque view of our charming tree house, visible from the lush, grassy areas that surround the property. These outdoor spaces are designed to encourage relaxation and introspection, allowing you to connect with nature and find inner peace.

Recreation and Wellness Combined

Experiencing or witnessing traumatic events can stick with you long after the event is over — in ways that can significantly disrupt one's quality of life.

Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder allows clients to learn to recognize triggers and find ways to overcome them. Through various techniques, it is possible to once again learn to live confidently and securely.

Let us show you how.

"Crafted by visionaries, where the organic meets the deliberate, every space inspires innovation, serenity, and the promise of new beginnings."

Artistic Elegance and Natural Harmony

Each room within our dual Malibu houses is a masterpiece, meticulously designed by artists to create a harmonious blend of nature's beauty and human creativity. These spaces are more than just rooms; they are havens of creativity, lightness, and hope. The artistic designs reflect a deep understanding of the natural world, incorporating elements that evoke a sense of balance and peace. This deliberate cohesion of the natural with the intentional fosters an environment where creativity flourishes, and every corner radiates a feeling of optimism and possibility.

Rejuvenation by the Sea

Both of our Malibu treatment centers’ proximity to the Pacific Ocean offers a unique opportunity for peace and rejuvenation. Here, vast stretches of sandy beaches become your playground. Whether it’s beachcombing for natural treasures, taking a refreshing swim, surfing the waves, or simply relaxing by the shore, the ocean provides an ever-present backdrop for relaxation and renewal. The sound of the waves and the fresh sea breezes are natural therapies, soothing the mind and invigorating the soul.

Contemporary Coastal Luxury

Our recently remodeled home and private estate are the epitomes of contemporary coastal luxury. The modern design, combined with the warmth of a coastal retreat, creates an ambiance of sophisticated comfort. Every space within the estate has been thoughtfully upgraded to offer the highest standards of luxury, without losing the charm and warmth that makes our Malibu recovery centers true homes away from home.

A Gourmet Kitchen Experience

For culinary enthusiasts and healthy eaters alike, our spacious kitchen is a dream come true. Outfitted with premium appliances and bathed in natural light, it’s a space designed to inspire the creation of delicious and nutritious meals. Attention has been given to every detail, ensuring that all of a chef's needs are met, from high-quality cookware to ample preparation spaces. This kitchen is not just a place to cook; it’s a place to experiment, learn, and enjoy the art of food preparation.

Tranquility at the Water's Edge

The serenity of our Malibu residential treatment centers extends to their luxurious outdoor pool and spa areas. Here, you can enjoy moments of relaxation, whether it’s journaling by the poolside or indulging in the therapeutic benefits of the saltwater pool and spa. The sound of waterfalls permeates the air, creating a tropical ambiance that is both tranquil and rejuvenating. This peaceful setting is a sanctuary where you can unwind, reflect, and find balance in the soothing sounds and sights of water.


"Designed by artists, reflecting a cohesion of the natural and the intentional, each room tempts creativity, lightness, and a sense of hope."

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Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to Amend Treatment. It is a challenge to capture the welcoming and relaxed essence of this healing place, and we hope you find it to be as special as we do. If you are able to, we invite you to visit and meet our talented team. In the interim, please explore at your leisure, and contact us if you have questions. We are always available to answer your call.

Designed by artists, reflecting a cohesion of the natural and the intentional, each room tempts creativity, lightness, and a sense of hope.

Find peace and rejuvenation on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. With access to vast stretches of beach, you can enjoy beachcombing, a swim, surf, or relaxed time with the waves and fresh sea breezes.

Our newly remodeled home and private estate provide contemporary and inviting coastal luxury.

With attention to meeting all of a chef’s needs, you will enjoy the spacious kitchen outfitted with premium appliances and bathed in natural light; a place of inspiration for the crafting of delicious and nutritious snacks and meals.

Whether journalling poolside or enjoying the salt water pool and spa, the sound of waterfalls fills the air, lending a tropical ambience and serenity.

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