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Stephanie Lekkos

Sound Bath Practitioner

Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Pepperdine University, along with two Sound Healing certifications. She is a certified Yoga Alliance Instructor and a personal fitness trainer. She works with all levels of clients from beginners to advanced. Stephanie has led sessions for corporations such as Red Bull, Nobu Ryokan and many more.

Trained in a wide variety of unique instruments, Stephanie relies on her intuition to fine-tune her sound therapy sessions, which include carefully chosen progressions through more than twenty instruments both ancient and modern.

The development of specific sound sequences for rehab and recovery from addiction and mental health issues is something that Stephanie continues to explore, as well as sound healing a relaxation for pre & post surgery patients, bonding for couples, and parents with children.

The goal for Stephanie is to open the mind to emotional intelligence and the heart to self love and acceptance. She accomplishes this by composing sound frequency anthems designed to integrate the body, mind and spirit, through a gentle, empathetic and intuitive approach to a calm, immersive healing experience.

“Discovering the deep power in sound waves, and how it opens the body and mind to healing, not only began a wonderful personal healing process, but also pointed me toward a purpose in life that had, up until that time, eluded me.” -Stephanie Lekkos


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