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Whitney Powell

Program Coordinator

Whitney Powell serves as one of the Program Coordinators leveraging her extensive managerial experience to lead and develop initiatives at AMEND Treatment. Whitney holds a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College Chicago and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. Her commitment to assisting individuals during challenging times is a testament to her dedication to facilitating significant life transitions. Whitney's approach to treatment is deeply rooted in her core beliefs of openness, personability, relatability, and compassion, making her a trusted figure among both clients and colleagues. She emphasizes the formation of a supportive environment that fosters safety and growth for all clients. Her unique blend of humor and quirkiness in everything she does infuses creativity and a touch of fun. Her ability to find joy in the ordinary allows clients to approach challenges with a fresh perspective and optimism!

Outside of her professional life, Whitney is passionate about her volunteer work at dog rescues and is an avid runner, activities that underscore her dedication and resilience. These personal pursuits that only speak to her energetic and compassionate nature but also enrich her ability to connect and empathize with those around her.


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