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Group Fitness

Fact-Checked and Approved by Dr. Saro Altinoglu Psy. D.

Group Fitness at Amend in Malibu

Mind-Body Fitness in Malibu

Get out of your head and into your body with a weekly group fitness class at Malibu’s leading boutique fitness studio, 9x. Each week, 9x runs a 1-hour class exclusively for Amend’s clients.

With high-energy trainers, small class sizes, and an emphasis on mind-body wellness, 9x classes offer the perfect way to challenge and enhance your physical fitness in a high-intensity workout.

9x classes start with a warm-up then cycle through three rotations: one for strength, one on the treadmill, and a third specialty rotation like boxing, HIIT, abs, etc. You’ll follow the movements on 9x’s massive media wall while the trainer helps you modify or push.

9x is a great way for clients to bond, get a taste of the Malibu fitness culture, and take a break from weekly therapy to grab some endorphins.


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