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aftercare programming

Fact-Checked and Approved by Dr. Saro Altinoglu Psy. D.

amend's AFTERCARE philosophy

highly personalized clinical aftercare programming

At Amend, our core focus is providing the best quality residential mental healthcare available. Our attention is on each client’s round-the-clock recovery needs with the goal of a successful transition home. Our experiences, supported by numerous studies, suggest that sustainable treatment results are enhanced by effective aftercare services. We know that the longer you engage in effective, supported clinical treatment AND peer-support, the better your foundation for long-term, sustainable healing and fulfillment. At Amend, we provide both extensive post-discharge clinical care planning and free support/follow-up as you transition out of residential care.


"As with treatment plans, every aftercare plan is individualized and based on each client’s unique needs and objectives."



Many clients prefer an initial period of intensive aftercare services alongside their transition to local services. Others prefer fewer services, longer term. Some prefer to forego a formal aftercare plan and to utilize support services as needed. Regardless of the framework of each aftercare plan, the goal remains the same, for the authentic relationships and support to be available for each client’s sustained recovery and supported wellness into their life, relationships, and interests. Amend Treatment is proud to partner with All Points North (APN) to offer a full continuum of mental health care following Amend’s best-in-class residential programs. APN offers in-person and telehealth aftercare options for Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs), outpatient therapy groups, a virtual professionals program, one-on-one therapy, and psychiatry.

Commonly Recommended Post Discharge Care from APN May Include:

  • Malibu Surf Intensive Outpatient Program: The Malibu Surf IOP is an ideal step-down for many clients following residential treatment. This Malibu IOP offers 9-10 hours per week of group therapy and surf therapy to support for individuals experiencing mental health challenges, overwhelming stress, or emotional dysregulation. With two traditional therapy groups and one surf therapy group each week, clients participate in an integrative program designed to guide them through processing the past and learning how to move forward with tangible skills and tools. The Malibu Surf IOP is an 8-week program.
  • Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program: Virtual IOPs offer the same level of intensive group therapy for clients who prefer to attend IOP programming from the comfort and convenience of home. The Virtual IOPs are led by master’s level licensed therapists, with three 3-hour groups per week with an optional individual therapy session. Virtual IOP programming is available in three different tracks/focuses:
    • Trauma-informed mental health
    • Co-occurring disorders and substance use
    • Professional athletes
  • Virtual Professionals Track: The Virtual Professionals Track offers a “middle-ground” level of care that is less intensive than an IOP but more involved than a therapy group. Designed for executives, business professionals, and healthcare professionals, this group runs in 8-week sessions for six hours per week. With 12 people max in each cohort and a designated professional’s therapist as the facilitator, this track dives into topics specific to professionals like burnout, boundaries, career growth, mental health at work, and more.
  • Teletherapy Groups: Virtual therapy groups run 1-1.5 hrs each, meeting once a week, and focus on a specific topic or specific population. Each group is led by a licensed therapist and accessible via HIPAA-compliant video chat. Group topics vary but often include:
    • Mindful Meditation and Contemplative Skills
    • Living Sober
    • Trauma Process Group
    • Recovery Lit
    • Professionals Group
    • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Group
    • Resolving Codependency
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Perfectionists
  • Virtual Individual Therapy: Unlike many well-known online therapy providers, our partners offer a comprehensive virtual assessment to understand your full background, history, needs, and goals. This allows an expert team to pair you with an individual therapist who is the best fit for you.
  • Virtual Psychiatry & Medication Management: Get in-person medication management with a psychiatric provider at one of six APN locations or virtually in any of 40 participating PSYPACT states. Available through a secure, HIPAA-compliant video platform. Should you prefer to transition back to your at-home mental healthcare team following treatment for more localized support, our Amend team will also work to support you as you make next-step treatment decisions and get set up with a local team.



Continued Support

Aftercare is so important to Amend that we also provide a structured, free of charge, follow-up program as a complement to each person’s post-discharge continued care plan. These services can be provided in person, telephonically, or via teleconferencing. As with residential treatment plans, every aftercare plan is individualized and based on each client’s unique needs and objectives.

Our complementary aftercare services are designed to provide personal support as each client reintegrates into family, friends, work, school, community, and commitments. As you reconnect with or make new connections with community-based providers and support systems, our aftercare program acts to smooth the transition by providing continued contact with a member of the Amend treatment team.

aftercare for mental health
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