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teleconferencing services

teleconferencing TREATMENT PROGRAM


Amend Treatment sees teleconferencing services for mental health as a tool and an avenue to access that allows us to complement and supplement the quality residential care we provide to each client. Teleconferencing provides options and opportunities for family and key supporters to be actively engaged in their loved one’s care through the use of any device with a web browser and internet connection - phone, tablet, laptop - over distance, and while at home, the office, or travelling.

You, your family member, and members of your treatment team can experience live video sessions, assessments, and follow-up knowing that the information is secured with state of the art, end to end encryption that protects confidentiality and is HIPAA compliant.


teleconferencing services for mental health

The convenience of teleconferencing gives people access to online mental health counseling, care, and direct communication with providers during the pandemic. Our clinicians’ experience and recent research have found that effective therapy and recovery occurs when there is a therapeutic presence – a relationship of trust and understanding – that allows a therapist to be fully present and attuned to a client. Our clinical team uses the HIPAA compliant, teleconferencing technology as a tool to enhance connection, protect health, and support recovery. Teleconferencing does not replace the attentive, personalized therapeutic quality of our residential care but complements it to facilitate admission, offer thorough assessment, maximize family support during treatment, and foster aftercare communication and follow-up when clients re-enter their homes, community, and pursuits.

telehealth services for mental health
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