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Mandy Odren, B.S

Program Director

As the Program Director at Amend Treatment, Mandy Odren has over a decade of experience navigating the complexities of mental health treatment. Holding a degree in Neuroscience from Central Michigan University, she is driven by a vision to fundamentally change the healthcare system and the way it prescribes mental health treatment.

Mandy is passionate about innovation and envisions a future where traditional therapies are augmented by advancements in technology, science, and spiritual understanding, creating preventative solutions that empower individuals to achieve lasting change. Her leadership style is warm and inclusive, creating an environment where both clients and clinicians feel valued and empowered.

Mandy prioritizes establishing a safe, non-judgmental, and comforting environment where clients can develop tools through a holistic, strengths-based, and sustainable approach. She understands the importance of always meeting clients where they are at, helping them recognize that they are more than their current lifestyle, thoughts, and behaviors.

As Mandy prepares to pursue a Master’s in Clinical Social Work, she embraces a philosophy of unconditional acceptance and is an advocate for progressive, evidence-based care that honors the individuality and potential of each client. She brings an unwavering commitment to integrity, excellence, and compassion to her work, ensuring that Amend Treatment remains at the forefront of innovative and effective mental health treatment.


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