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Dr. Saro Altinoglu, Psy.D. - Clinical Director


Dr. Saro Altinoglu, Psy.D., is a distinguished mental health professional with an illustrious career spanning 18 years. Graduating from the University of La Verne, his academic foundation is complemented by a wealth of hands-on clinical experience across various esteemed institutions.

Dr. Altinoglu's journey began in the realm of inpatient psychiatric care, leaving a profound impact on Harbor UCLA, Loma Linda BMC Hospital, and the emergency room at Aurora Charter Oak Hospital. Notably, his doctoral internship at the Institute for Multicultural Counseling & Education Services (IMCES) marked a pivotal point in his career, solidifying his commitment to community mental health.

Fluency in both Armenian and Turkish enriches Dr. Altinoglu's ability to offer comprehensive clinical services. At IMCES, he seamlessly provided therapeutic support in these languages, ensuring effective communication with diverse clients.

Evidencing his leadership prowess, Dr. Altinoglu successfully led crisis teams and expertly managed a team of over 50 clinical staff members within an adolescent PHP/IOP program. His dedication to youth well-being is evidenced by his oversight of the treatment of more than 150 adolescent clients, infusing their lives with transformative change.

Noteworthy is Dr. Altinoglu's keen interest in utilization review, a facet of his practice where he has triumphed in securing over 1,100 days in peer reviews, doc-to-doc consultations, and insurance appeals, all aligned with the rigorous standards set by the state of California.

Dr. Saro Altinoglu's exceptional journey exemplifies a commitment to exceptional care, a passion for diverse linguistic engagement, and a track record of professional excellence that resonates through his multifaceted contributions in mental health.

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