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Anxiety and Substance Abuse Treatment

Do you struggle with anxiety and substance abuse?

If so, we can help. Amend Treatment is a leading provider of anxiety and substance abuse treatment in Malibu, California. We offer comprehensive care for all types of mental health disorders as well as substance abuse issues. Our team consists of highly trained professionals with years of experience helping those who struggle with these conditions. You’ll be in good hands when you choose us to guide you on your journey toward wellness and recovery.

We understand that it takes courage to reach out for help, but there are many benefits to seeking assistance from an expert like our therapists at Amend Treatment. With the right support system, it’s possible to overcome even the most difficult challenges and live life more fully than ever before.

Take the first step today and call Amend Treatment at (833) 912-6363 to learn more about anxiety and substance abuse treatment.


Anxiety is the most common mental health issue in the United States, affecting an estimated 40 million adults. Some people who struggle with anxiety attempt to medicate uncomfortable symptoms with alcohol or drugs. This is a dangerous combination that can lead to the development of co-occurring disorders involving anxiety disorder and substance use disorder.

This type of co-occurring disorder can be serious and even deadly. For example, anxiety may increase the risk of developing physical symptoms that require medical attention, such as respiratory problems or cardiac issues. Anxiety can also affect how people think and act, potentially increasing the odds that someone struggling with anxiety will use drugs for recreational purposes or combine anxiety medications with addictive substances like heroin.

If you suspect you may be struggling with both anxiety and substance abuse, it’s important to speak with a professional right away.

anxiety and substance abuse


There are several common symptoms of anxiety and substance abuse. These symptoms will vary from person to person, depending on the severity of anxiety and substance abuse issues.

Some anxiety may manifest as physical symptoms, such as headaches or an upset stomach. Increased anxiety can also lead to panic attacks where a person feels like they are having a heart attack or choking even though their body is not under any real threat. Unfortunately, many anxiety sufferers attempt to manage anxiety symptoms by using drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. This method is not only harmful, it also exacerbates anxiety and substance abuse issues at the same time.

Other anxiety symptoms that can contribute to anxiety and substance abuse issues include:

  • Shaking
  • Memory loss
  • Sweating
  • Racing heartbeat (or heart palpitations)
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness
  • Trouble breathing (or shortness of breath)

If you or a loved one experiences one or more of these symptoms,  contact a mental health professional for help.


There are many ways anxiety and substance abuse can co-exist. The most common type of anxiety and substance use disorder is a co-occurring anxiety disorder, such as panic disorder or social anxiety, combined with an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. Another common issue is anxiety paired with prescription drug addiction. In fact, there are many anxiety medications that carry a risk of addiction.

People struggling with anxiety and substance use disorder may also experience depression in addition to anxiety and addiction issues. This is a severe condition known as comorbidity, which is defined as having two or more mental health conditions at once. While anxiety and depression often go hand-in-hand, anxiety can also occur without depression in some cases.

  • The most common types of anxiety and substance abuse  issues include:
  • Social anxiety and alcohol addiction
  • General anxiety and marijuana addiction
  • Panic disorder and opiate addiction

Each of these issues is unique in its own way, but all represent anxiety disorders paired with substance abuse. The best way to treat anxiety and substance use disorders together is with a holistic approach that treats mental health conditions while also addressing the addition.


There are several factors that may cause co-occurring disorders involving the combination of anxiety and substance abuse.  Some individuals grow up in families with substance abuse problems, while others struggle with anxiety issues due to traumatic events.

On the other hand, anxiety can also cause people to seek out drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. It’s not uncommon for anxiety to become so uncomfortable that someone feels like they need something stronger than anxiety medication to manage anxiety symptoms. Unfortunately, this often leads to anxiety and substance abuse co-occurring issues down the road.

Co-occurring anxiety and drug addiction is also common among teenagers who are exposed to drugs at a young age.

If anxiety and drug addiction run in your family, you may also be at a higher risk of developing co-occurring anxiety and substance use issues than people without anxiety disorders. If anxiety has always been an issue for you or with anyone in your family, it’s especially important to seek help before anxiety leads to substance abuse.

The most common causes of anxiety and substance abuse involve the following:

  • Growing up in families with substance abuse problems
  • Exposure to drugs at a young age
  • Anxiety issues caused by traumatic event
  • Anxiety symptoms become so uncomfortable they feel like they need something stronger than anxiety medication to manage anxiety symptoms.


Diagnosing the co-occurring conditions involving anxiety and substance abuse requires a thorough clinical interview and medical exam. During this process, a mental health professional will ask you about anxiety symptoms, substance use habits, and exposure to drugs and alcohol in your environment at home or work.

The health care provider will also want to know about any anxiety triggers such as certain people or places that make anxiety worse. They may also ask you about anxiety symptoms that appear to have no connection to anxiety, such as vomiting or stomach pain. This type of information can help your mental health provider create a treatment plan tailored to your specific anxiety and substance abuse issues.


Fortunately, anxiety and substance abuse treatment is available with professional help. Some anxiety disorders are easier to manage than others. For example, anxiety caused by panic attacks or an anxiety disorder involving specific triggers can often be treated with medication, therapy, lifestyle changes like meditation, and other stress management techniques.

Anxiety issues that involve anxiety over anxiety symptoms also tend to respond well to anxiety medication combined with therapy. Since anxiety often leads people to use drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism, anxiety treatment typically includes addiction treatment as well. It is important to identify both mental health conditions and seek treatment for co-occurring disorders, which treats both issues simultaneously due to the close relationship.

Treatment for anxiety and substance abuse is best when it takes place within the same program so the two conditions can be treated simultaneously throughout the recovery process. With anxiety and substance abuse treatment together, you’ll learn the skills you need to manage anxiety while also learning how to live without drugs or alcohol.

This holistic approach can be difficult for people suffering from anxiety and substance use disorder on their own. Fortunately, there are professional anxiety and addiction treatment programs designed to help anxiety sufferers live healthier lives without drugs or alcohol.

An anxiety and substance abuse treatment program typically consists of a combination of anxiety medication, therapy, support groups, holistic practices like meditation, detoxification from drugs or alcohol, counseling for addiction issues, and more to help you get back on track with anxiety treatment while also addressing the substance abuse condition.

Anxiety and Substance Abuse Treatment at Amend Treatment

Are you ready to overcome your symptoms of anxiety and substance abuse?

Amend Treatment is here to help. We provide comprehensive therapy for a wide range of mental health and substance abuse problems. Our approach involves a safe, substance-free environment in Malibu, California, where you will learn how to cope with symptoms and triggers.

WE understand how uncomfortable is can be living with co-occurring disorders involving anxiety and substance abuse. At Amend Treatment, you will receive the care and guidance you need to successfully navigate the path to recovery.

Contact Amend Treatment to learn more about the benefits of our anxiety and substance abuse treatment program.

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