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Therapist and patient communicating about mental health in a peaceful outdoor setting.

It’s a Good Place to Work


The time has come to break the pattern, to put in the work to believe you can feel good again. Amend Treatment is ready to be on this journey with you, the journey to be well.



This is a place of peace. A place where you can focus on you. 


Nestled along the serene Malibu coastline, Amend Treatment is beautiful, because beautiful works. Your time here promises peace, restoration and comfort, because all of these things work. At Amend, you’ll find the time and space to focus on your most important project: you

A residential treatment facility with a singular focus. 

At Amend, you will be immersed in an environment of deep clinical expertise. We are a residential treatment facility designed to help you recover and sustain your mental and emotional wellbeing. We redefine treatment standards by addressing your holistic needs—mind, body, and soul.

This kind of work isn’t easy. We know it requires a specialized knowledge base and skill set, which is why no one who comes to Amend will do this work alone. 


Person sitting on a couch with a therapy service dog.

One team, every step of the way.


You will collaborate with a dedicated treatment team that is trained in the most proven therapeutic disciplines for a variety of mental health challenges. These include everything from anxiety and depression to trauma and PTSD. It starts by establishing a clear and accurate diagnosis. 

We’ll also explore alternative therapy modalities that promote full-body healing. Yoga, EDMR therapy, group fitness, and acupuncture are proven to reduce external symptoms and promote a sense of physical wellness. Some call these therapies “alternative,” but they’re integral to our comprehensive approach.

A member of the team is always available to answer any questions you may have about our program and approach. Get to know our community of providers and support staff by meeting our team.

We will address co-occurring mental health challenges over the course of treatment, but Amend is not a detox or rehab facility. Our focus is on identifying and treating the underlying mental and emotional conditions that contribute to these challenges.


Lone person meditating and practicing yoga in a peaceful outdoor setting.


With 2 house locations and a maximum of 6 clients at each location at a time, Amend is unlike any other treatment facility. You will receive personalized, confidential support of the highest quality, designed to help you transform your life and relationships in genuine, sustainable ways.

Amend will empower you to greet the world with a new confidence and strength, to help you get better at getting better. You’ll be on your way to where you truly deserve to be.

Connect with our team to begin your journey today.


We are here for you.


Feel free to reach out to us to start your journey or if you have any questions. We’re here to assist you and look forward to connecting with you soon.

Admissions – (866) 726-0226
[email protected]


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