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Overcoming New Year Depression and Sadness

Overcoming New Year depression and sadness

Are you feeling down and depressed after the new year? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with New Year depression and sadness. Typically a new year means new opportunities and new chances for success, right? Well, not always. The new year can be surprisingly depressive, especially if you have the habit of placing unrealistic expectations…

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Dealing with Post Holiday Blues and Depression

Dealing with post holiday blues and depression

Is it normal to feel depressed or experience post holiday blues? According to recent surveys, you wouldn’t be alone if you did. Holiday stress and holiday depression are increasingly common topics of discussion, and statistics show that up to 88 percent of people feel more stressed out than usual over the winter break. But some…

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Get Help at a Malibu Mental Health Treatment Center this Season

Get help at a Malibu mental health treatment center this season

Have you ever considered getting treatment for a mental health disorder? Why not start by seeking help at Amend Treatment, a Malibu Mental Health Treatment Center, this season? The Gift of Mental Health Treatment The holidays are all about family, gratitude, and celebrating the end of the year and the beginning of a new year…

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Practicing Postpartum Depression Self-Care

Practicing postpartum depression self-care

Postpartum depression is a serious mental health crisis, affecting between 6 and 15 percent of new mothers and disproportionately affecting people with pre-existing mood or anxiety disorders (with about seven times as much risk). Postpartum depression can range from mild to debilitating, leaving new parents feeling anywhere from joyless and exhausted to self-deprecating and even suicidal. However,…

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Dual Diagnosis vs Co-Occurring Disorders: How Do They Compare?

Dual diagnosis vs co-occurring disorders: How Do They Compare?

Do you know the difference between dual diagnosis vs co-occurring disorders? While they may seem the same, each is unique in how they play a role in a person diagnosed with one or the other. Defining Dual Diagnosis vs Co-Occurring Disorders A dual diagnosis and a co-occurring disorder are synonymous terms, but the two also…

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Decrease Social Anxiety for a Happy Thanksgiving

Decrease social anxiety for a happy Thanksgiving

The festivities are just right around the corner, but with the laughter and fun may also come anxiety. Knowing how to decrease social anxiety can help you experience a wonderful season and a happy Thanksgiving holiday. Social Anxiety and the Holidays Family holidays like Thanksgiving are all about observing gratitude and celebrating a familial bond…

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Identifying the Different Subtypes of OCD

Identifying the different subtypes of OCD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and the subtypes of OCD are one of the most misunderstood and mischaracterized mental health issues in modern media and public consciousness. However, it is also surprisingly common, with a lifetime prevalence of about 2.3 percent in US adults. OCD is a difficult condition to live with. About half of adults diagnosed with…

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Anxiety vs Nervousness: Are They the Same?

Anxiety vs nervousness: Are they the same?

Anxiety vs nervousness. Are they the same thing? In many ways, they are synonymous. However, they become quite different given certain contexts. For example, being anxious is not quite the same thing as struggling with anxiety, which is not quite the same thing as an anxiety disorder. Similarly, anxiety and nervosity are two different things, and being anxious and being nervous…

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What is Double Depression Disorder?

What is double depression disorder?

Double depression disorder is a diagnosis of two concurrent mental health issues: major depressive disorder and persistent depressive disorder. The term is exclusive to a diagnosis of these two conditions together; a diagnosis of two different depressive disorders or two unrelated mental health issues with mood symptoms is not always called double depression. Double depression is not…

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Trying Holistic Therapy for Mental Health

Trying holistic therapy for mental health

Mental health treatment programs can generally be divided into three categories: pharmacology, talk therapy, and other treatments. Most cases are addressed primarily through talk therapy and medication, rather than experiential treatments like holistic therapy for mental health. While most people know about antidepressants like Prozac and anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax, fewer people know about alternative treatment,…

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