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Get help at a Malibu mental health treatment center this season

Get Help at a Malibu Mental Health Treatment Center this Season

Have you ever considered getting treatment for a mental health disorder? Why not start by seeking help at Amend Treatment, a Malibu Mental Health Treatment Center, this season?

The Gift of Mental Health Treatment

The holidays are all about family, gratitude, and celebrating the end of the year and the beginning of a new year – but for many people, getting into the holiday mood can feel impossible. The holiday season can be a very difficult time; surveys show that most Americans feel more stressed over the holidays than relaxed, and while the winter break tends to be a time for joy and a time for cheer, rates of anxiety, depression, and poor mental health tend to rise towards the end of the year.

Whether the holidays to you spell out greater levels of financial stress and anxiety, a strained home environment, or loneliness and isolation, it’s no secret that they can be an emotional and psychological minefield.

If you are already in treatment and are trying to stay consistent with your therapeutic habits and regularly scheduled appointments, the irregularities and uncertainties of the holidays can throw a wrench into your plans and make it much harder to stay committed to your self-care goals or manage the stressors that come with the holidays.

If you’re going to have a hard time, then consider seeking treatment – yes, even during the holidays. Mental health treatment centers don’t take a holiday break, and you will be able to seek treatment while continuing to enjoy the festivities with your loved ones. In fact, in many cases, getting treatment might be the best gift you can make to both yourself and those around you.

Holiday Stress and Mental Health

A lot of people worry that seeking help might sour the spirit of the holidays or even that bringing up the topic with family or your closest friends might feel inappropriate due to the festive mood.

However, putting off treatment until the new year can be much, much worse.

Regardless of why the holidays are a challenging time for you, getting help can take the burden of hiding your pain off your shoulders while giving your friends and loved ones the peace of mind they need.

If you’re worried about the impact this holiday season might have on your mindset and mental health, consider talking to a professional or seeking out mental health treatment through a dedicated treatment facility.

Why Seek Out Mental Health Treatment Centers?

Mental health treatment centers like Amend Treatment offer a variety of individualized residential programs for people who need a dedicated place for mental health treatment.

Unlike outpatient programs, which require clients to attend therapy and treatment sessions at a pre-set schedule, yet otherwise, allow them to stay at home or go to work, residential treatment facilities provide a temporary place to live during the initial treatment process.

Facilities like Amend Treatment help those who struggle the most over the holidays through a treatment-dedicated living space, a recovery-conducive environment, countless mental health modalities, and specialized and experienced staff members.

There are a few reasons why you might want to consider visiting a mental health treatment center over the holidays.

You’re Not Alone

Despite the irony, those who feel alone over the holidays certainly aren’t the only ones – loneliness and isolation are common reasons for ongoing holiday stress and a statistical peak in depressive and anxious symptoms over the holiday season. Furthermore, rates of substance usedepression, and anxiety tend to increase over the holidays.

But recognizing that you aren’t struggling alone is rarely enough to affect your outlook – treatment facilities, support groups, local chatrooms, and local mental health awareness societies can be great resources for people looking to connect with one another over the holiday season and support each other through this winter.

Consider calling a nearby mental health treatment center if you feel unable to cope with your symptoms this season and don’t have an established support network to fall back on. We all need help and support, but we aren’t always able to find the level of support we need. Treatment facilities help countless people find that support and become a part of something greater together.

The Holidays Can Be Tough

Holiday stress is a real and common phenomenon for multiple reasons. One of the most common reasons is financial. Especially in years with an economic recession, the holiday season often means more spending – higher energy bills, travel costs, as well as the costs of all the traditional luxuries of the season, from gifts to feasts, decorations, and more. Many people want to be able to see their families, making the months of November to January the most expensive travel months of the year, with skyrocketing ticket prices despite increased availability.

Outside of the financial sting of the holiday season, the winter months can be physically and emotionally grueling in temperate climates. Chronic health conditions may flare up over winter for some people, and aches and pains can get worse. Longer nights and shorter days can affect sleep and mood and even lead to sunlight deficiencies.

The winter blues affect millions of Americans, and some people develop seasonal affective disorder, a seasonal mood disorder with mild to severe symptoms of depression.

The social aspects of the holidays should not be understated either. While the holidays are traditionally a time for gratitude and family, there are countless people who experience living situations that turn reminders of tradition into triggers for melancholy rather than a source of joy and nostalgia. The holidays can become a trigger for mostly negative memories and potentially cause an episode of anxious feelings, depressive thinking, or a substance relapse.

Seeking treatment won’t solve all your woes, but it can help you become more emotionally resilient towards them and develop healthier means of managing your stressors while improving your coping mechanisms. Seeking treatment over the holidays can help you prepare for the years ahead and get into healthier habits for future holidays.

Seek Help at a Malibu Mental Health Treatment Center Today

Inpatient mental health treatment centers provide a myriad of therapeutic options for clients with severe mental health issues when therapy and outpatient programs are not enough. But it’s important to remember that these programs serve as a stepping stone for long-term mental healthcare. Community support through close friends and loved ones, alongside better psychoeducation and access to other local mental health resources, are all crucial factors for long-term treatment. Take your first step with us, contact Amend Treatment for more information.

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