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7 Benefits of Equine Therapy

benefits of equine therapy - amend treatment

Are you interested in the benefits of equine therapy? Are you curious as to whether or not it will help you overcome your mental health issues?   Equine therapy is growing in popularity due to its benefits when used alongside traditional therapeutic treatments. Spending time with these beautiful, intelligent treasures may teach you exactly what you…

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Inpatient vs Residential Treatment

Patient weighing the options of inpatient vs residential mental health treatment.

When is a person interned in an inpatient facility? When are they entered into residential treatment? Are the two one and the same? Or is there a significant difference? Whether you are a friend, a family member, a close loved one, or a caretaker, knowing the difference can be crucial – especially if your loved…

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What to Expect from a Luxury Mental Health Treatment Center

Luxury mental health treatment center in Malibu

A luxury mental health treatment center, or plainly put – mental health treatment center, is a specialized clinic that offers outpatient and inpatient residential treatment programs with a focus on long-term treatment for individuals with mental health conditions that require a more intensive care program than the services of a single therapist but less intensive and…

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Trying Holistic Therapy for Mental Health

Trying holistic therapy for mental health

Mental health treatment programs can generally be divided into three categories: pharmacology, talk therapy, and other treatments. Most cases are addressed primarily through talk therapy and medication, rather than experiential treatments like holistic therapy for mental health. While most people know about antidepressants like Prozac and , fewer people know about alternative treatment, neurofeedback, or nerve…

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Coping with Mental Health and Breast Cancer

Coping with mental health and breast cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in which different organizations and foundations emphasize the importance of diagnostic visits, the use of diagnostic tools, and early detection of breast tumors. Predictably, mental health and breast cancer may intertwine and significantly impact your overall well-being and physical health. Statistically, one in eight women in the US will be diagnosed…

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Treatment for Trauma: 7 Types

Treatment for trauma: 7 types

Traumatic experiences are an unfortunately common part of life. It is estimated that at least half of all people will experience one or more traumatic events, and many among them will experience several. On the other hand, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), another type of mental health disorder, is a bit rarer, occurring in only about 3.6…

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Luxury Treatment Center for Co-Occurring Mental Disorders

Luxury treatment center for co occurring mental disorders

Substance use disorder affects an estimated 59 million Americans and countless families. Studies also show, about half the people struggling with a mental health disorder also have a substance use disorder. Yet, despite how pervasive and overwhelming it can be, both are ultimately treatable. However, treatment is not always readily available. Only an estimated 18.5 percent…

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How a Luxury Rehab Center Can Benefit You

How a luxury rehab center can benefit you

Treating an addiction takes time. While we have made considerable progress in addressing and treating substance use disorder through both psychiatric treatment and medication, there is still no “cure” for an addiction. For the most part, long-term recovery is as much about relearning how to commit yourself to sobriety and develop your own personalized toolkit…

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