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5 Physical Signs of Depression 

In addition to feelings of sadness, there are physical signs of depression, too. Chronic pain that can keep you down. Fatigue and daytime sleepiness often result from poor sleep quality. Gastrointestinal issues can make you feel miserable and disrupt your appetite. And movements and speech can become slow. Thankfully, treatment for depression is available at Amend Treatment.  


Did you know that there are physical signs of depression?  

Many believe that depression, also known as major depressive disorder (MDD), is just a somber mood. But like most mental health conditions, depression can impact each person differently.  

Depression can take over the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you behave. It can also interfere physically with daily life.  

This article will explore the 5 physical signs and symptoms of depression.  


Physical Signs of Depression 

Depression can be overwhelming and all-encompassing, impacting every aspect of your life whether you realize it or not. Those who experience physical symptoms often seek out the help of a medical doctor for treatment. However, since many of depression’s physical signs can be attributed to other illnesses, depression is usually overlooked — and the symptoms do not disappear.  

Below are the most common physical signs of depression that will help you get to the root cause of your illness. 

1. Changes in Sleep Patterns

Getting quality sleep is essential for overall health and well-being. Depression can rob you of this, causing disturbances in your sleep patterns.  

Many people with depression either sleep too much or can hardly sleep at all. For most, it comes with the difficulty of falling asleep and staying asleep. Waking up throughout the night or very early in the morning is also very common.  


2. Fatigue

The majority of those who suffer from depression will experience fatigue and feel sleepy throughout the day. These individuals feel tired, lack energy, are weak, and often lack motivation.  

Fatigue can cause issues with focus and concentration, causing life to become more overwhelming and unmanageable.  

While fatigue shows up on its own with depression, it is also a side effect of many antidepressant drugs. If you feel that your energy levels are not improving once you start treatment, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor. 


3. Chronic Physical Pain

Aches and pains, such as back pain, joint pain, headaches, and muscle aches, are also common.  

What is the connection between physical pain and depression? The neural pathways they share are the same. So it makes sense that your mood and pain receptors share the same nerves. 

The connection is so great that some researchers even believe that those who suffer from chronic pain for extended periods could be at a higher risk of getting depression.  


4. Gastrointestinal Issues

Digestive problems are widespread with depression. This includes things like constipation, diarrhea, feeling nauseous, and changes in appetite. It is not uncommon for those with depression to have no appetite at all — or to overeat.  

Gastrointestinal issues can be very frustrating and can even be another reason these individuals shy away from engaging in social interactions.  


5. Changes in Movement

Remember, your body and brain are connected. Because depression often slows down thoughts, it can also slow down movements and speech. For some, it feels like it just takes a lot of effort to get out of bed, shower, get dressed, or walk and move.  

These changes in movement are more commonly found in severe cases of depression.  


Other Signs and Symptoms of Clinical Depression 

While it is expected to experience them physically, not all depression signs and symptoms will appear in this manner. Most of the time, they are not visible to anyone but the person carrying the heavy weight of the illness.  

Below is a brief overview of the signs and symptoms of clinical depression, which can help you better understand.  

  • Feelings of sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, worthlessness, guilt 
  • Lack of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed 
  • Aggression, irritability 
  • Persistent negative thoughts 
  • Poor self-esteem 
  • Intolerance of others 

Keep in mind that depression can present itself differently for everyone.  


Diagnosing Depression 

There are moments of sadness —- and then there is depression. These are two very different things. It is a normal part of life to experience emotions with highs and lows. It’s when you can’t bounce back from that low point that it becomes a concern.  

Unfortunately, what many people who suffer from depression signs and symptoms believe is that they can handle it themselves. They feel that they can pull themselves out of their mood and get back to daily life as it was.  

Depression is not something to handle on your own. Seeing a mental health professional and getting a diagnosis is the first step toward treatment and healthy healing. 


Seeking Treatment for Depression 

If you are dealing with physical signs of depression — or any depression signs and symptoms – help is available.  

Various types of psychotherapy (talk therapy) and medication are used in the treatment of depression. Some only use one of these options for overcoming depression, but most find that the combination of the two yields the greatest long-term results.  

The first step is to find a place to undergo treatment with those who can help.  

Amend Treatment is not a rehab facility, but rather a luxury residential treatment facility located in California. Run by mental health professionals who deeply understand depression and the most effective way to personalize a treatment plan, clients often find freedom from their depression so that they may embrace the joy of life once again.  

Depression Treatment at Amend Treatment

Depression signs and symptoms require proper treatment. Having a place you can slip away to and solely focus on getting to the root cause of your depression is the best way to let go of all the symptoms.  

Contact our admissions team to find healing for your physical signs of depression in the tranquil surroundings of Amend Treatment.  

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