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Luxury mental health treatment center in Malibu

What to Expect from a Luxury Mental Health Treatment Center

A luxury mental health treatment center, or plainly put – mental health treatment center, is a specialized clinic that offers outpatient and inpatient residential treatment programs with a focus on long-term treatment for individuals with mental health conditions that require a more intensive care program than the services of a single therapist but less intensive and less immediate treatment than a psychiatric hospital.

As such, many mental health treatment centers are similar in scope and size to drug recovery facilities or rehab clinics. The main difference is that people who come for treatment at a mental health treatment center might not necessarily require addiction-related care – instead, many mental health treatment facilities specialize in major depressive disorder, social anxiety, phobiasschizophrenia, bipolar disorderpersonality disordersand co-occurring disorders.

The Difference Between a Luxury Mental Health Treatment Center

But what sets a mental health treatment center apart from a luxury mental health treatment center? The superlative prefix is more than marketing hype – luxury treatment centers, both in co-occurring treatment and mental health treatment, offer a slew of different benefits over most other treatment facilities while commanding a greater cost. Here’s what you should expect from a luxury mental health treatment center.

1. A Wider Selection of Modalities

Modalities are the heart of a mental health treatment facility – treatment modalities provide the scope of what a mental health clinic is capable of.

For example, a smaller community-run mental health treatment clinic will offer individual and group talk therapy sessions and may offer physical group activities as well. Some clinics offer mindfulness training, family therapy, and other proven treatment methods such as somatic experiencing and brainspotting.

But a luxury mental health treatment center goes above and beyond. Modalities at a luxury mental health facility may include, but are not limited to:

As such, luxury mental health facilities also command a much larger space to provide ample treatment opportunities and keep things varied from day to day.

Those applying to a luxury mental health program might spend one day taking care of horses and the next day hiking the mountains; one day might be spent focusing on yoga and meditation, and the next is all about honing one’s acting skills and utilizing therapeutic roleplaying to address intrusive thoughts and unwanted behaviors.

2. Greater Amenities

Intensive therapy is an important part of what sets a mental health treatment facility apart from the services of a therapist – through an immersive environment and individualized treatment plan, these facilities are able to accommodate people who want to take a break from the struggle and focus exclusively on their mental wellbeing, and address their ongoing, often debilitating mental health issues.

But a person cannot spend all day, every day going in and out of therapy. There’s a limit. While weekdays are usually dedicated to therapy, clients need a way to unwind in the evenings and weekends without turning to old habits.

While some facilities might offer board games or a basketball court, one of the greater benefits of a luxury treatment facility is luxury amenities. This often means spas, saunas, larger outdoor areas, tennis courts, access to a nearby beach or pool, and much, much more – all hosted within a private compound with the contemplative and relaxing qualities of a park or natural forest.

3. A Focus on Different Clientele

When you cater to a luxury clientele, you invite luxury clientele – that means individuals seeking luxury treatment will meet others who seek the same. Sometimes, being in treatment together can lead to lasting bonds of friendship. At other times, it’s just an opportunity to meet other people with similar shared experiences and their own unique stories.

One of the benefits of a luxury mental health treatment center over the services of a therapist is the ability to engage in plenty of private group therapy sessions. An individual, one-on-one focus can help people learn more about themselves – but group therapy can give unique insights not found anywhere else by hearing about and empathizing with the struggles and experiences of others.

4. Extra Staff

Another key benefit to a luxury facility is a much higher staff-to-visitor ratio. This means each individual staff member has less on their plate and more time and passion for devoting to their clients.

It also means that these luxury facilities have more room for more staff – including more physical therapists and private trainers, professional chefs, animal attendants, veterinarians, physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, therapists, and cleaning staff.

5. Privacy and Comfort

Luxury mental health treatment centers are lavish and beautiful on the inside but discrete and often isolated or hidden away from the outside world by large walls, fences, and natural features (such as cliffsides or mountains).

Not only do these natural features help create the feeling of living in a hidden oasis or alcove away from the rest of the world – a peaceful exile, a relaxing isolation – it also helps clients feel safer and more protected, as well as help them enjoy a greater level of privacy than what might be expected in other inpatient or outpatient facilities.

Comfort matters in treatment. It shouldn’t be a prison – recuperation and therapy are the points, which means clients should feel safe, comfortable, and open to learning and self-improvement.

6. The Perfect Location

Luxury treatment facilities use prime real estate to carve out their own slice of paradise. Some mental health treatment facilities could double as resorts but with a staff oriented towards mental healthcare and psychiatric specialization rather than hotel management.

7. Individualized Treatment Plans

The perfect treatment plan is one made specifically for you. There is no cookie-cutter approach in mental healthcare – even relatively popular modalities, like cognitive behavioral therapy, only exist as a framework for a professional to develop their own treatment plan with each client.

A luxury mental health treatment center takes this to the next level by focusing on a holistic approach to every client. That means helping them change the way they eat, sleep, work, live, breathe, and see themselves in the mirror – addressing every biopsychosocial factor that affects a person’s mental health and giving them a set of individualized modalities to match their needs and circumstances.

Is it Worth It?

So is a luxury mental health facility worth it? Absolutely. You are paying for an otherworldly approach – the opportunity to step out of your day-to-day and into a completely different setting, one tailored from top-to-bottom for therapeutic recuperation and long-term progress toward mental health treatment.

For more information about residential and luxury mental health treatment in Malibu, contact Amend Treatment.

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